Odds Don't Apply to Marquez-Katsidis Fight

America will get a chance to exorcise its Black Friday rage this weekend when Juan Manuel Marquez and Michael Katsidis clash on Saturday in what's sure to be a heart-filled fight. Vegas has Marquez favored 3-1, but according to famed trainer/manager and HBO analyst Emanuel Steward, the numbers don't tell the whole story: “To me, the fight is much closer than anyone else thinks. Marquez is technically maybe a little bit better, but I think that he’s really not a true lightweight. He’s a 130-pounder. And the wear and tear is an issue. Katsidis is maybe not as talented, but with the unbelievable fire and drive that he’s got, I think it’s going to be a very, very tough fight. Just like with his Australian countryman, Jeff Fenech, that burning drive and determination is a major factor that you can’t measure in terms of skill.”