How Powerful Is Manny Pacquiao's Left? Ricky Hatton Knows.

By Ricky Hatton (as told to Richard Fletcher)

Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton - Photo Credit: Will Hart

Manny Pacquiao is obviously a big, big hitter. With people like myself and Miguel Cotto, who move straight down the middle, there's always a chance you can walk on to that left-hand shot, and it was sadly the case with me.

There was always a chance, with my style, that I could have outmuscled him and outpunched him and mauled him, like I did Kostya Tszyu and a few others. I'd always been aggressive, I always went for the knockout--and that proved my downfall, really. He wasn't even looking at me [when he landed the knockout punch in the second round]. I think he just knew where I was, he winged it over and that was that.

His short left is very good. He's had many successes with it. I've always been a little bit reckless, but I got a little bit over-reckless in that fight. You can't do it at that level. With someone with a left hand like Manny Pacquiao's, you can't go in like that. I think a lot of people have learned that with Pacquiao because the fighters who are a little bit more cagey and a little bit more safety-first tend to have fewer troubles. With Manny Pacquiao, there's every chance he can knock you out.

Timothy Bradley can do a little bit of brawling and boxing. He can have a little bit of a fight, but he's a very well-schooled all-rounder. He's a very capable boxer, a very talented fighter. I think he'll come in and fight a cagey fight and I think he'll give Manny a few problems. I don't think he'll win, though. After the third Juan Manuel Marquez fight, Pacquiao will want to come back and destroy somebody. Timothy Bradley might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Speed is Key to Pacquiao Victory, Says Trainer Freddie Roach

By Kieran Mulvaney

Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach - Photo Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

Asked what he thinks will be the key to this Saturday’s contest between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach offers one word:


His guy, he believes, has it, and the other guy doesn’t. And when he says speed, he doesn’t just mean that Pacquiao’s hands are fast. More importantly, his feet are as well.

“His footwork is the best part about him,” he explains. “He’s in and out a lot; you don’t know when he’s coming in and out. It could be a feint, you can’t read when he’s going to attack you, and that’s why he’s been so successful, because he doesn’t necessarily have a rhythm. It always changes.”

He believes the Filipino icon’s unpredictability will be of particular advantage against an aggressive fighter like Bradley, whom Roach is convinced will take the fight to Pacquiao – even if the champion doesn’t necessarily agree.

“I think Bradley’s going to attack us, but Manny thinks he’s going to run,” Roach revealed to reporters on Thursday. “I told him, ‘He won’t run until he feels your power,’ but we’re ready for both. Bradley isn’t really built to be a runner, though, and if he does run, it isn’t going to be in a fast mode. He’s very slow on his feet, and so speed’s the biggest factor. But if he does try not to engage, we’ll have to take the fight to him and we’re prepared for that. I think we can count on him coming to us, because that’s who he is. He’s the same fighter he was as an amateur. He makes the same mistakes, and they will be taken advantage of.”

Manny Pacquiao - Photo Credit: Chris Farina - Top RankAnother insight Roach is confident about is that Bradley will not attempt to emulate the comparative success of Juan Manuel Marquez, who last November came dangerously close to defeating Pacquiao in the third installment of their contentious rivalry. Marquez always provides difficult opposition for Pacquiao because of his ability to lure the Filipino off balance and then fire a succession of hard counterpunches. But if Marquez has provided the theoretical blueprint for beating Pacquiao, that doesn’t mean Bradley will be able to take advantage.

“I just don’t see that happening, because he’s not like Marquez at all,” says Roach. “He’s never been a slick counterpuncher. To try to be like someone else as a fighter would not be conducive for anybody. He’s going to be Timothy Bradley. I think he’s going to come after us, and he’s going to keep trying and trying really hard. I think he’ll be resilient, but all the muscle and all the pressure in the world isn’t going to win the fight for him.”

Immediately after the post-fight press conference on Saturday night, Roach will fly to Canastota, New York, to be inducted Sunday into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Asked which would mean more, the induction or a Pacquiao win, Roach doesn’t hesitate.

“The win,” he says. “That’s what I live for. I hate to lose, and winning is what it’s all about. Besides, a large part of the reason I’m going into the Hall of Fame is Manny Pacquiao.”

Will Pacquiao-Bradley End in an Upset?

Members of the media packed the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand on Wednesday and made their final predictions about this weekend's mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Most boxing experts favored Pacquiao -- with one very notable exception -- and of course the fighters had their own opinions on what will go down in the ring this Saturday night.

Compubox Analysis: Pacquiao vs. Bradley

By Compubox

For more than three years Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have engaged in a tension-filled match-beyond-the-match in which each had to hold serve to preserve this decade's "The Fight of the Century." The stakes couldn't have been higher, for one slip-up by either and the projected $150 million purse split goes up in smoke.

Mayweather struggled at times against Miguel Cotto last month, but a stirring stretch drive helped preserve his much-cited perfect record and placed the onus squarely on  Pacquiao. On Saturday "The Pac Man" will face the undefeated Timothy Bradley in a bout whose significance goes far beyond his fourth defense of the WBO welterweight title he won from Cotto two-and-a-half years ago. It's his chance to regain the edge in his head-to-head race with the man called "Money" in terms of pay-per-view numbers, bargaining position and conventional wisdom -- all of which Mayweather has led as of late.

Will "Typhoon Manny" blow past "Desert Storm" or will General Bradley engineer an upset that will change the course of history? Pacquiao is nearly a 4-1 favorite. Their respective CompuBox histories offer the following food for thought:

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A Routine Press Conference for One, a Life-Altering Juncture for the Other

By Kieran Mulvaney

The last time Timothy Bradley was a big underdog in a title fight was four years ago. He was undefeated, as he is still, and largely unknown – which, to the broader public at least, he remains. And, before he received his $65,000 purse for fighting England’s WBC super lightweight champion Junior Witter, he was broke.

“I had just a little change in the bank, you know,” he told a small group of reporters on Wednesday, just prior to the final pre-fight press conference for Saturday’s clash with Manny Pacquiao. “We spent the majority of our cash and savings preparing for the fight, you know sparring partners and things like that, and paying our bills. It was a hard time. But I couldn’t be denied, because I had to take care of my family. I had to provide. I was sick of my wife working hard, and me having this opportunity, I didn’t want to let it go. I fought as hard as I could that fight and got the victory, thank God.”

Defeating Witter made him a champion, but it didn’t make him a star, didn’t catapult him on to the big stage. Seven fights and 49 months later, he is guaranteed $5 million and a chance to banish the memory of those monetary woes forever. More importantly, he has the opportunity for recognition, and the shot at greatness he has long sought, when he challenges Pacquiao at the MGM Grand on Saturday.

It is an opportunity he insists he will not let slip through his fingers.

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